About the Club

Founded as a one team Boys club in 2006, Bo'ness United Community Football Club has grown to include over 344 players and over 67 volunteers 

From these humble beginnings We have been awarded SFA Grassroots community club of the year 2022,The most prestigious  Uefa Grassroots Comminity club bronze award 2022-23 and recently The Mclaren Trophy for work in local community presented by Bo'ness Community Council 

We provide a safe and positive environment for young players to participate in football, nurture their skills and have fun. We develop strong, supportive, qualified coaches and have a strong team of volunteer administrators and officials.

We are a volunteer led club who give everything to provide as many opportunities and experiences to our players as we can. From football festivals to match day trips to SPL and EPL games, we fit a lot in.

Our girls pathway increases to grow and plan is too in future create a clear football pathway fror girls football. Players and coaches across the club have also enjoyed training sessions, matchday experiences and expos with Hearts FC and Rangers FC.

We were the first youth football club to become a partner of the SFA Football Memories Programme, sponsoring a memories box and carrying their logo on matchday zippers.

We are proud charity partners with Barnardo's Scotland and proud to support a fellow charity to help young children in Scotland.

We are proud to work with Team United who are game leaders in  Autism & Nurodiversity  football in Scotland

As well as training and matches, we run a McDonalds Friday Night Fun Football programme  along with over 35 mens football and Ladies recreational football. We also run holiday camps with Club partners and host specialist training with Rangers Soccer Academy and work with scoreboard soccer  



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BUCFC 2007

2007 age group were formed via interest in original club mini kickers programme 

The age group started as fun fours blue and white team and succesfully continued this journey from fun four football via 7 a side onto 9 a side football as 2 teams within age group 

Moving to 11 a side football blues and whites succesfully moved into 1 age group with many boys who have completed pathway from fun fours football.

BUCFC 2008

2008 age group was formed from second mini kickers programme 

2008 age group started with 3 teams at fun fours and super 5's set up , blue white and red

Then into 2 teams on reaching 7 a side football (red and white)

Both teams within age group completed 7 a side and 9 a side football in Fvfda league set up and next season will see 2008 age group start on 11 a side football as one main age group 

In First year of 11 a side 2008 age group won. Central League Divisional Cup 

BUCFC 2009 Blue

Bucfc 2009 age group was born when Bucfc started second mini kickers programme in 2016

Bucfc  2009 started with 2 teams at fun 4's quickly expanding to 3 teams blue white and red. 
This continued to first season of 7 a side football 

Bucfc 2009 then into 2 squads This move has given strength to the age group 

A recent move to Central Scotland football league has given both coaches and players confidence at 7 a side football as age group prepared to move to 9 a side football

With 9 a side complete with great numbers the age group was split into 2 11 a side teams 

one team staying in Central League 2009 White, While 2009 moved to West Lothian League.

BUCFC 2011

Bucfc 2011 started as a age group with 2 teams at fun fours moving to 3 teams at super 5's yellow black and red 

Bucfc 2011 age group opted out of fvfda league moving to central scotland league at 7 a side this allowed age group to revert back to 2 teams with growth to expand both teams within age group going forward.

BUCFC 2012

2012 age group was first age group to play fun fours in a successful trial programme where they played first football against pkayers a year older than themselves.

This has given age group strength to build 3 individual teams within age group and play 2 years at fun 4's 

like other age groups 2012 opted out of fvfda league and now travel to Central League giving players another opportunity to continue to develop.

BUCFC 2013

2013 similar to 2012 started on journey early at fun fours starting 6 months before registered date 

This giving coaches and players opportunity to develop players under less scrutiny 

2013 age group consists of 2 teams blue and white and are enjoying new expierences in central league set up 

BUCFC 2014

2014 play there football within central FA league set up 

the age group grows from strength to strength and enjoys training at the murries and newtown park

BUCFC 2015

The 2015 age group joined club from first year group of our Little Leo Programme in 2021.

The age group will play football in Fvfda League in March of 2022.

split into 3 teams of Blue White & Red 

BUCFC U-10 Girls

Bo'ness united community football club girls at under 10's play football in south east region at 7 a side football home and away 

BUCFC U-12 Girls

This age group started at fin 5's progressing into 7 a side format within Central Region of Swf 

The majority of girls have remained together through out 3 years creating a terrific team bond and playing many teams over central Region to great success 

This age group will undertake a change as they move to new Swf Format of 9 a side football and change to South East Region with rest of girls section 

BUCFC U-8 Girls

Bo'ness United community fc under 8 girls play 5 a side football in central region area 

BUCFC u16/18 Girls

Bo'ness under 16/18  girls have many of the founder members of the girls section  the age group has expanded over years and has brought some individual success in players reaching Np standard to girls moving to america on a scholarship 

team success has seen under 15's win central region league in 2020 and the under 18's win cross region plate final  while our u16 5 a side team will represent scotland at coalfields regeneration festival in manchester