This year, we’re doing something a bit different. We’re giving our BUCFC footballing families the chance to win some prizes for their kids. Completely FREE of charge.


It’s been a tough year and we simply want to give something back to our loyal and supportive football community.




Every other day, we’ll post a photo of some prizes in our closed Facebook group (which is only accessible to parents and guardians).


Parents will be invited to add a comment under the Facebook post with their child’s full name and the age group they play for.


We’ll select the winners at random and announce them the following day. 


Some prizes will be suitable for everyone, and some prizes may be a certain size or only suitable for certain players. We’ll provide full details every time we announce a GIVEAWAY. 


Our first GIVEAWAY will happen on Wed 9th December, so get ready!!


Let’s finish 2020 with a bang and spread a little Christmas joy to our BUCFC young players.



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